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About us

About US

Today, 196 has the capability and experience to offer you one of the Kingdom’s most extensive range of services relating to communication devices. This is primarily due to the fact that its foundation was built on a solid platform, where ethics and meaningful customer interactions were given prime importance

Our Humble Beginnings

In the year 2000, when the telecommunications industry was at the cusp of an oncoming boom,
Mr Mohammed Ali Al Jabri founded the company 196 Telecommunications Group, which is the parent company of 196. Mr Mohammed Ali Al Jabri identified the significant gap between supply and demand for telecommunication needs and therefore started the company with the aim of addressing this gap, serving corporate and individuals with top-notch products and mobility solutions


Our Achievements

Since its inception, 196 Telecommunications Group has sold a myriad of units in store and currently serves numerous high-profile clients with the required communications infrastructure either on site or towards retailers. The continuous efforts towards achieving quality and superiority led to the establishment of a dedicated superstore called 196, which houses the widest selection of products from Apple and its subsidiaries.

Where We Stand Today

Given the sizeable portfolio of products and services 196 Telecommunications Group has on offer, it is not surprising that their stature in the market has grown rapidly. The range includes office automation products, wireless communication devices, peripherals and accessories along with their communications devices. The Group is an Industry leader and has become a reference point for providing products that are of the highest quality and relevance, and services that are unmatched yet.


We believe in the saying that there are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach. With this approach, our long-term vision is to become a standard-setter for excellence, relating to all fields of services in the telecommunications industry, and delivering on our promise to provide the highest quality of products with our existing technology and people.

196 seeks to be your go-to source for all your telecom requirements. Our mission is to be at the forefront providing all telecommunications solutions to assist companies, resellers and individuals seeking to digitise themselves, through exotic wholesale packages and competitive retail offerings.

Multi-faceted service

Our broad range of services is ensured to cover all your requirements throughout the life cycle of the product, from pre-sales to high quality follow-ups that include repair and maintenance.

Customer Engagement

Our current concentration of customers is primarily One of the key reasons we are ahead of our large wholesalers and power retailers. Hence, it is vital competition is that we have pre-existing that our sales team are diamond-cut to the last detail. agreements with various manufacturers which We take great pride in our team of customer relationship allow us to source their products almost professionals who are courteous, knowledgeable and instantaneously, thereby making the products extremely accomplished in addressing your queries.

Advantage 196

immediately available post their global launch Whether it is a price quotation requirement or just date. Such benefits allow us to serve large entities a casual product feature, our staf will be prompt in such as government ministries, telecom operators assisting you further. and private enterprises in bulk quantities.

The Best Team

The difference between success and failure is a great team. At 196, our team consists of an eclectic mix of seasoned professionals and exuberant youth. Together, they form vital cogs in the engine of success and are responsible for driving the company forward.

Our Outlets

To meet the rising demand and expectations of customers, 196 currently has 4 outlets in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with an additional 3 branches planned for the coming Months


196 currently is the distributor to some of the largest corporate retailers in the country, as well as top hypermarket chains and Government offices. Hence, i196 has primed themselves to deliver only the best quality of products and services. Our qualified technicians are dedicated to ensuring that there are no hiccups even post sales.


The service rooms and technology centres of 196 are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art inventory to provide top-notch service. The service provided is timely, the di- agnostics are accurate and the delivery is prompt.


In order to follow our core values of commit, dedicate and delivery, 196believes quality has to be paramount. Whether it is the products, the services offered or customer in-store experience, the company truly believes that quality is not an act, but a habit.